Sorry for the lapse in posting but the past weeks have been interviews and let downs. First interview was in a position where I certainly had the experience and had to travel quite far to attend. I was shocked to be asked in the interview “didn’t you want to retire”. Well I knew then that I was written off as far as that job was concerned!

Next was a three hour interview doing games and working as a team. It was quite good fun and better than all the psychological questions but alas although being put in their talent bank for any future positions it still doesn’t help to pay the bills.

Further no replies or straight out “sorry you weren’t picked for interview” type emails ensued and I applied for any position available taking on laundry/retail/admin/full time/part time/direct/agencies/permanent/contract/temporary…

As my list of applications grew, my self confidence diminished. I felt like giving up.

But I persisted and this week I got a call asking whether I would consider doing a six month contract which may be extended. Now I really wanted a permanent job but it seems that until people get to meet me and know me I am not going to stand a chance so wish me luck as I have to be interviewed for this position next week. 😳

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