Sunday networking plan

I awoke with the realisation that I had put myself into this predicament. I had no-one else to blame but myself. After all what made me think that I could just walk into another job. Times have changed and I could have still been in employment if I hadn’t accepted the redundancy.

So what to do, no use crying over spoilt milk, I need a plan.

So I spent the day letting my network know that I was now looking for work within the City again. After all why drive for about an hour trying to get to a ‘local’ job when I could hop on a commuter coach and let someone else do the driving while I logged on to my emails etc.

Please wish me well as I attempt to get my life back on track.

The new beginning has not begun

At the end of October 2018 I took voluntary redundancy after a position I had worked at for 8 years was taken in-house by the clients. In all I had spent 18 years with the employer with the last 6 years working remotely. What had started as a small contract had grown into a three person high pressured position. But now it had been taken away and my options were return to commuting to London or take redundancy and work locally.

After all how difficult would it be to find local work? In all the years I have worked I had never had a problem finding employment and had remained in each position for considerable lengths of time.

Now if we fast forward almost six months and about 50 job applications and I’m discovering that not only has the ease of finding work disappeared but the whole interview techniques are now based on a point system and not on your experience, personality or ability!

The world has changed but not necessarily for the better I suspect and I ask myself how much longer can I continue searching, applying, being ignored and turned down before my confidence disintegrates completely. To work, or not to work that is the question!